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The corporate naming convention is a slight permutation of the widely used Hungarian Notation that was introduced by Charles Simonyi.

Each prefix (pf) that we use is unique and some are not applicable to some programming languages and/or application program interfaces (APIs).

pf Element Example
a array int aiTemp[32] ;
b bool bool bStillGoing ;
by byte byte byStillGoing ;
ch char char chGrade ;
cx int (width) int cxRectangle ;
cy int (height) int cyRectangle ;
d double double dMiles ;
f float float fPercent ;
f_ field (form) int f_iAge ;
h int (buffer handle) int hCurrent ;
i int int iCars ;
k constant void fct( const int kiTurns )
l long char *lpstrStreet ;
m_ member (class or struct) int m_iAge ;
n near char *npstrStreet ;
o object void fct( object oSend );
obj object (obs.)  
p pointer char *pstrGrade ;
r reference void fct( int &riTurns )
s short short sChairs ;
s_ static static char schChoice ;
str string string strFirstName ;
sz string (zero delimited) char szName[16] ;
x int (x-coordinate) int xLeft ;
y int (y-coordinate) int yTop ;
C Class class CPerson
class instantiate Class CPerson personFound ;
F Form FWorld
form instantiate Form Form worldWork = new FWorld( );
S Struct struct SPoint
struct instantiate Struct SPoint pointLeft ;
tla Program tlaWord
if input file stream ifstream ifNameFile ;
is input stream void fct(istream &risIn) ;
of output file stream ofstream ofNameFile ;
os output stream void fct( ostream &rosIn );

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