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Development Process  

We work side-by-side with entrepreneurs who want to develop a website for their business their way. In most cases they take over its maintenance and enhancement after the initial development is complete.

All of our work is done in PC environments (Windows XP Professional clients and UNIX, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 servers).

Our approach of development is to design an initial website based on interactions with the customer. We install a draft version of the website in a private access area on one of our servers. We then work with the customer in development sessions to tweak the draft to achieve what they want.

  • For customers located near us we conduct development sessions in either our office or the customer’s location. During these sessions we simultaneously view the draft website page in the browser on one of our portable machines with the customer.

  • For distant customers we conduct development sessions where we simultaneously view a draft website page in the browser on our machine as the customer views the same page in the browser on their machine. At the same time, we discuss changes using “ICQ chat”.

  • We can in many cases make the changes in real time and reload them for further discussion during the same development session.)
When approved by the customer the website is “published” to the world on the Internet by moving it to the customer’s server.

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