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Getting Started  

To start the effort we need to understand your objectives on a broad level ...
  • Size of website envisioned.

  • The vendor from whom you plan to acquire your e-commerce software and website hosting services.

  • If a Point of Sale (POS) system is used elsewhere in your business we need to know how it will interact with your online ordering system.

  • If you are establish an e-commerce website you need to identify ...
    • How you maintain your master inventory list.
    • Your implementation schedule constraints for the development.
You also need to define and provide estimates of your planned contributions ...
  • Personal time dedicated to the effort.

  • Time other members of your staff will contribute to the effort.

  • Existing hardware and software resources that you intend to use.

  • Existing materials (photo quality images and text descriptions).

  • Funding approach.
To establish a basis for design you need to ...
  • Identify Internet websites that you really like. This will give us a basic idea of your vision for your website.

  • Provide any available advertising copy and images by mail or snail-mail. This will give us a basic idea of the amount of material that will need to be developed from scratch.
With this information we will ...
  • Either -- Make a recommendation on how to proceed to the next stage of development;

  • Or -- Recommend that you choose a different resource to address your needs.
If there is agreement to proceed, we will ...
  • Estimate the approximate cost for the website devbelopment.

  • Identify payment methods
    • Single payment.
    • Single payument with advance.
    • Periodic fixed payments.
    • Periodic fixed sum plus percentage of gross sales.

  • Summarize agreements in a simple written document.

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