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December birthdays: Well, that would be Jean, Mary, Brad, me and Scottie Dudemaster!



Mom and Dad

Bracing for the Wisconsin weather...don't worry, I heard the overall weather pattern was supposed to be "normal" for this winter.


John and Linda

One word: GRAPES. The wine tasting party was a hit!

Vicki and Lee

Welcome to Abby.

Terry and Whimpy

Bill and Laura are engaged! Happy date will be in 2000.

Jean and Tuna

I'm sure it's a relief to have the wedding "over with", but was it ever fun! Everybody was there if you can believe it. Check out Jean's site for the wedding pictures! Go to wedding.


Judy and Larry

Lissy's page

Matt's at his new school, Sarah is finishing up her last year in high school, and Lissy is working on the computer like crazy. She created her web page all by herself. Check it out.

Bob and Laura

New Year party at the Charlestons!

Barb and Gordy

Christmas brunch at the Jakus'! And I can't wait to see Ben, Pete, and Jeremy in their matching long johns.

Dorothy and Brad

Baby's Page. (Some new pictures anyway.) We have a scanner now, but haven't used it. What's with THAT?

See genealogy. Lots of stuff.




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