Charleston Genealogy

I'm starting to get so much information I don't know where to begin or where to end. I've requested so much stuff! Here's the lineage:

Charles Charleston (Sweden) marries Catherine (France) in Chicago. I have found a fourth cousin to us (Allison Charleston). Allison and all of us (my generation) share the same GGG Grandfather (CC) so we are fourth cousins. Her lineage is shown below.

They have a bunch of kids, but Charles W. Charleston (the oldest) is our lineage.

Charles W. and Jane Mary Dall marry in Chicago -- her family were immigrants from Scotland and settled first in Racine Wisconsin. Charles' brother, Caspar is Allison's GGGrandfather. Caspar had four sons, one of whom was a fireman also. Wilbur was one of the sons and he had Raymond Caspar who in turn had James. James is Allison's father.

Charles and Jane had two boys -- Walter and Irving. Walter was also known as Ollie, but his middle name is DALL (after his mother, obviously).

Ollie married Mary Ann Turner in Chicago and have two sons. There might be more...a few may have died at birth or shortly thereafter. Mary Turner (AKA Nan) can be traced to Ireland since her mother's maiden name is Johnston and her grandmother's maiden name is Fitzpatrick. I know this lineage, but haven't written the details yet.. Read about these people: Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Charleston (Walter D. and Nan)

Ollie and Nan's sons are Frank Trevor (our grandfather) and Joseph. In the mid 1920s they divorce.

Frank Trevor marries Lola Davis. Lola's parents are Joseph M. Davis and Helena (nee Ray). They have four sons and two daughters. John and Jean were stillborn and Virginia died at age 6. Frank T. Jr., Dad, and Thomas Dall were their children that survived and as we know, Dad is the remaining Charleston.

And of course, the rest is history.

I applied for a Pioneer Certificate. All it says is that I am a direct descendant of pioneers (Charles Charleston and David Dall). The Chicago Genealogical Society also asked me to write a story about this and I plan to. I'll post it when I'm done.

During my time at home I've requested a lot more records (WWI, social security, death, church, etc.) and I will continue to share everything I find. We have a LOT of history here in this fine city.

(As stated, the following pages have not been updated too much, except that I forgot a while ago to add information about Uncle Tom ...)


Read about:


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