Location Subject
Codetel, (Dominican Republic) Executive Training, TQM
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston "Conversation for Action" workshop
Hewlett-Packard, Analog Devices C.E., Microsoft C.E. "Leading Without Authority"
Honeywell, Agilent C.E. (Germany) "Making Organizational Changes that Work"
American Power Conversion Corp., St. Louis Integrated Management Systems
Granite State Quality Conference Workshop on Enterprise Model
JDS Uniphase High Performance Teams and 7-Step Problem Solving workshop
University of North Texas Workshop Presentation at Austin Project Teams Conference.
4th Annual International Conference on Work Teams (Mexico) Team Concepts and Tools Workshop; Public Forum Panelist
NASA Johnson Space Center High Performance Team Training
New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership Presentation: Managing Change with Effective Team Building
Reading Rock, Ohio Affinity Diagramming & 7-Step workshop
W.W. Cross High Performance Team Training
Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce "Team Building: Specific Tools for Enhancing Team Effectiveness"
NASA, Houston TQM Executive Overview
Center for Quality of Management CQO Roundtable leader: Team Deployment
Franklin Elementary School Affinity Diagramming Workshop
Granite State Quality Council Speaker at 4th Annual Q. Conference.: "High Performing Teams: Small Group Problem-solving Model"
International Management Council (IMC) Speaker: "Command & Control: Crash and Burn: A Short History of Teams and The Changing Role of the Sponsor"
Keene School District Workshops for all Administrators/Principals
National Human Resources Association NH Affiliate Speaker: "Continuous Improvement Tools for the HR Professional: New Values in 'R'
NH-NHRA Workshop: Dynamics of Workplace Teams
The Strategic Planning Institute Speaker: "High Performance Benchmarking Teams"
Tri-District Teacher Training Day Workshop: "Problem-Solving Tools for Teachers"
YMCA Camp Takodah Team Building Training
Linkage, Inc. "Best of Teams '97" Conference speaker: "An Organizational Case Study on Teams"
N.H. ASQC Workshop: Fostering Teams
New Hampshire School Boards Insurance Trust Speaker at Work-Based Learning Workshop: "What A Company May Want from Today's Graduating Student"
Lotus Development Corp. Speaker: "Using Teams to Leverage the TQ Effort"
Contacts and references will be provided upon request.

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